Nothing Like Republican Stewardship Of Government

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AG urges changes to pension oversight:

At least 82 of 96 government-related pension funds examined by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott face unfunded liabilities that could exceed $23 billion, the state’s chief law-enforcement officer said Monday.

He also said that 17 of the government pension funds are considered “at risk,” and he recommended policy changes that he said could help protect beneficiaries and taxpayers.

“Caution flags are being raised. Our hope was that the improving market would improve the bottom line for pensions [and] while this has proved true for some funds, too many are still underwater,” Abbott said Monday during an address to the Texas Pension Review Board, a state agency charged with overseeing state, local and municipal pensions.

Lottery officials cooperating on kickback inquiry

Texas lottery officials said Monday that they are working with the Travis County district attorney’s office to determine whether there is any validity to an allegation that an employee may have accepted kickbacks for steering winners to a financial planning firm.

Kickbacks, cronies, and ruining state pensions. Anybody with a state pension should be paying very close attention to this. The only question is are they actually incompetent or are they doing this on purpose. Again I ask, how do we expect people that say government is the problem to actually use the government to solve problems?

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