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Our two Texas Senators are continuing to rubberstamp the Bush disaster in Iraq, Cornyn, Hutchison say troop surge needs more time to work.

Don’t expect Texas’ senators to join the growing Republican revolt against President Bush’s Iraq policies. Both remain committed to giving the troop surge more time, even as violence escalates.

“It ought to be based on conditions on the ground rather than an arbitrary timetable.” Sen. John Cornyn said Monday. “We need to give this a little bit of time to see if it can work, and I hope that it does.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison also has no intention of joining the anti-war chorus.

“Absolutely not,” said spokesman Matt Mackowiak. “She’s been against a date certain for withdrawal from the beginning. … We need to give the surge time to work. The full complement of 30,000 troops has only been there three weeks. We’re seeing good signs in al-Anbar province. There’s an offensive going on in Diyala province as we speak. We need to wait and see.”

There are several Republican Senators shooting their mouths off about the war and that Bush needs to change course. Most appear to be up for reelection. And there’s a big difference between shooting off their mouths and actually voting against the president. I would assume that Kay and John will do whatever the president tells them on this issue. If you want to stop the war we have to Stop Cornyn first. There’s no better way to Stop
Cornyn than to Draft Rick Noriega.

In other Senate news the blog JobsAnger has endorsed Rep. Rick Noriega for US Senate, Climbing On Board The Noriega Train.

It’s now starting to look like it’s coming down to a choice between Mikal Watts and Rick Noriega. Quite frankly, being a North Texan, I didn’t know much about either one and I’ve never been able to jump on the bandwagon of a candidate I don’t know anything about.


But slowly, my fellow left-wing bloggers began to help me see the light. Blogs that I really respect such as Boadicea, Dos Centavos, South Texas Chisme, Texas Liberal and McBlogger (among others) let it be known that they supported Noriega. This forced me to take a closer look at the man, and the more I found out, the more I began to like and respect him.

Couple this with the fact that the more I find out about Watts, the more I am scared of him. He seems to be the real DINO in the race. He’s already let it be known he doesn’t support a woman’s right to govern her own body. I suspect he probably wouldn’t help poor people very much either.


So today, I’m proudly getting aboard the Noriega for Senate train. It is my fervent hope that Rick Noriega can drive that train all the way to Washington, where I have no doubt that he’ll make an excellent senator.

Welcome aboard.


And Muse has a link to an article in The Hill about Noriega v. Watts, Watts puts primary marker down as Noriega enters Texas Senate race. The more ink this primary race gets the better. It only adds to Cornyn’s vulnerability. The more the MSM talks about his challengers the more name recognition they get.

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