TPJ Reminds Us That Craddick Has A Ton Of Cash

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Speaker Craddick’s Money Balked Instead of Talked. The subtitle asks, “Did he keep his powder dry when he needed it most?” He’s got $4 million plus, the question is how is he going to use it?

If Speaker Craddick is loaded, the question becomes how—or if—he will discharge this weapon. Will he open up on fellow Republicans? Will he leave the dirty work to loyal surrogates? Or will he abandon the struggle and safeguard his jackpot for some other end?


As he has done in the past, Craddick may be tempted to hold onto his campaign booty. He could enlist the lobby and his top donors to suppress his rivals. Yet the mutiny now facing Craddick is much more pervasive and threatening than what he confronted previously. So if he refuses to let his money talk this time, Craddick faces a greater risk of losing the Speaker’s gavel that he coveted for decades.

If Craddick cedes the podium, he could tap his war chest to complete his political career in style, enjoying the finest meals, wines and hotels. Finally, he could leave the House and have six years to distribute these funds to candidates, think tanks or even a charity run by his friends, family or Tom Craddick himself.

There are many of the usual suspects on the list, Bob Perry, James Leininger, Wal-Mart, telecom, lobbyists, etc.. The question is will he start a bloodbath in the Republican Party or, with even Rep. Warren Chisum, his buddy, thinking about running against him maybe he’ll just take the money and run? It’s hard to believe that Craddick would go quietly.

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