Rick Noriega’s Announcement - [UPDATED]

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Gardner Selby at PFTL had this report, Noriega sounds like candidate without exit strategy.

Standing outside the Capitol today, Democratic state Rep. Rick Noriega of Houston speculated that only personal catastrophe could deter him from trying for the U.S. Senate seat held by John Cornyn.

Noriega was at the Capitol to formally announce formation of an exploratory committee for the Senate race next year. He named Paul Hobby, the Democratic nominee for state comptroller in 1998 and the son of former Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby, as the chairman of his committee, and Arthur Gochman, former president of the Academy sporting goods chain, as his treasurer.

Asked what would deter him from running, Noriega said: “I don’t know at this point separate (apart from) a devastating personal experience. … If some tragedy struck the Noriega family, I don’t know how we’d respond, frankly.”


His parents, Joe and Tommie, watched from the shade of a tree. “He’s got a lot of experience,” Joe Noriega said afterward. “He’s got good references.”

Texas Politics has a podcast of Rick Noriega’s announcement en español. They promise more blogging on this and an English podcast too. Check back for updates, EOW will post those when they become available. [UPDATE]: More from Texas Politics, including podcast of today’s announcement.

What would a Democratic event be without some GOP shenanigans? TO Blog has the story, I’m Calling Shenanigans.

That shenanigans was to setup a the GOP’s Disaster Victory’08” lack of effort and to appoint Roger Williams scapegoat for the disaster to lead it.

[UPDATE]: There are some pictures of today’s event here.

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