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Via KLBJ-AM, Williamson County Sheriff’s Department Looking at T Don Hutto.

The Williamson County Sheriff has appointed seven people in his department to act as liaisons between the commissioners court and the T Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor. Included in the appointees are three detectives, a captain and two sergeants. Detective John Foster is one of the officers on the team. Foster says they have been asked to, “go in and examine and look and continue to look at ….how things actually work at the facility.”


Foster says if it is determined there is an area or incident that needs to be investigated and/or prosecuted, the sheriff’s department and district attorney’s office will pursue it. However, because it is a federally funded facility and because the people held there are involved in federal immigration cases, investigations may have to be turned over to the FBI or US Attorney’s office.

Over-time pay and additional costs anticipated by having the team in place will be paid for by CCA. The $5,000 per month additional fee to the county was approved by the Williamson County Commissioners Court on Tuesday.

The more EOW thinks about the WCSO being in this prison the more pointless it seems. The officers have no jurisdiction. Any crime that takes place there, more than likely, will be handled by the Feds. Also the county, we are told, no longer has to worry about being held liable for any illegal activity that may happen in the prison.

The corporation is basically willing to pay seven officers who are “higher ups” an extra $700/month, $8,400/year, if split equally. That’s not much to the corporation, of course, but to the average person that’s a nice sum of money. The corporation gets good PR from this, appearing as if they’re being diligent, by allowing a few select officers to “wet their beaks”. Meanwhile mothers and children continue who have done nothing wrong continue to be held in this prison.

Other than making sure this facility, where we’re already told noting bad happens, is staffed with county officers for PR purposes, this doesn’t change much of anything. It’s just putting a filter in place, as stated before, in case another crime against an inmate is committed in the prison.

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  1. tweety said,

    November 2, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    WCSO and CCA…….Two agencies with a long history of conducting unlawful practices. What a lethal combination.

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