More On Abbott’s Craddick Opinion

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Democratic Rep. Jim Dunnam wants to know if anything went on during the 4 1/2 hour gap in the Attorney General’s release of the opinion:

State Rep. Jim Dunnam of Waco said Abbott’s four-hour delay Friday in issuing his findings on whether Craddick had acted lawfully when he quashed a late-session attempt to oust him from his post raises questions about the integrity of the process.

“They said it was coming out by 6 p.m., but they didn’t release it until almost 10:30,” Dunnam said. “What was going for those four and a half hours?”

Political Junkie has a listing of the sucking up Chiming In of some Craddick lackeys:

The following statement was issued by Rep. Geanie Morrison (current chair), Rep. Dan Flynn, Rep. Phil King (current chair), Rep. Jim Murphy (loyal freshman), Rep. Diane Patrick (loyal freshman), Rep. David Swinford (current chair) and Rep. John Zerwas (loyal freshman):

“The attorney general’s opinion is a strong confirmation that the speaker respected the constitution and the rules, and that a speaker’s contest should end, not begin, on the first day of session. During the 140 days legislators are in Austin, the focus must be on addressing the business of the people and not political agendas. While we support a member’s right to inquire about the rules and the democratic process spelled out in the constitution, with this opinion now issued we hope our most vigorous debates will be focused on the matters that most directly impact Texans, such as border security, property rights, education reform and fiscal discipline.”

There’s nothing like blind followers. Another good reason to vote against Craddick, to keep these folks out of the House leadership.

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