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Here’s what EOW said in March about the GOP primary for governor in 2010.

Most certainly there will be a primary battle for governor in the GOP in ‘10, which is something that’s never happened with the Texas GOP since they took power. Even if Perry runs again, there will be a primary. There is no heir apparent and it will be blood bath. It’ll be like a anti-Craddick v. pro-Craddick state house primary gone statewide.

At this time there’s no reason to think that won’t be the case. The right wing of the Texas GOP will have no serious champion of their causes if the only candidates are Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Governor Rick Perry. Only more pandering to their issues and no real action. This post, Who’ll Be A Leader, from a right wing think tank shows the frustration.

Conservatives in Texas are fed up with out of control property taxes, spending that’s going through the roof, and a new business tax created to satiate the demands of growing government. That’s why 92 percent of Republican primary voters said on the March ballot that they want to “limit any annual increase (in spending) to the combined increase in population and inflation” except when authorized by a popular vote or an emergency declaration.


In fact, whether it’s Perry, Dewhurst, or someone running for county commissioner, voters and taxpayers are showing they’ll forgive almost any past policy sins for serious action on putting government on a permanent diet. The “92 percent” says it all. No more excuses, no more inactivity. It’s time for action.

We need not just a leader, we need all of our leaders to actively pursue strong spending limits in Texas. Conservatives are demanding that it be at the forefront of every campaign, and a top priority in the next legislative session.

(Read the GOP primary survey [.pdf]). While the questions that are asked appear to be posed in a way to get a pre-ordained answer, the answers are what that segment of the electorate in 2008 felt. Albeit a more skewed segment this time around, since less Independents. moderate Republicans, and Democrats voting in the GOP primary this year than in past years. But it does point out the fact that a sizeable segment of extremely reliable GOP voters have become frustrated with their current leadership.

That frustration will likely make them willing to vote for a challenger from the right in the next GOP primary for governor. There’s at least one such person out there as this article shows, School districts warn funding crisis looms, (link via this Kuff).

District 7 state Sen. Dan Patrick last week blamed the funding crisis on a lack of courage by legislators.

“I’m sick and tired of the Legislature putting Band-aids on the problem that do nothing more than get them over the hump to the next election.

“We need leadership that thinks about the next generation instead of the next election,” he said.

Patrick said Texas needs to stop relying on property tax to support public education.

“The homeowners and businesses are being punished but the school district not only doesn’t benefit but the money is being siphoned off to somewhere else,” Patrick said.

“We no longer can ask four million property owners to underwrite education for the entire state,” he said.

Instead, he advocates increasing the sales tax and expanding the products and services to which it applies.

Whether Sen. Patrick, aka “Texas Rush”, will be the far right challenger in 2010 we’ll just have to wait and see. There’s the election in the fall, the 2009 session, and the appointment of KBH’s successor to go through before the field is set. But it just seems hard to believe that the GOP primary for governor in 2010 will be between the unpopular Perry and the moderate KBH.

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