Political Powder Keg

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The last five paragraphs in Sunday’s Williamson County Sun article, Worries remain despite fewer SH 29 routes, sums up the problems facing the WCGOP, the toll road plan they’re proposing which includes a bypass around Liberty Hill, and through many resident’s property. It described the situation surrounding the uproar as A Political Powder Keg:

The controversy over the study has all the markings of a potential powder keg for the November election, in which Ms. Covey is being challenged by Democratic nominee Greg Windham.

Mr Windham recently spoke out against the proposed expansion during the public comments period of commissioners court.

“Now that they have narrowed it down to us, things are probably going to get a little hotter at least politically anyway,” Mrs. Black said.

Mr. Jenevein said the proposal could change the hearts of some traditionally conservative voters in western Williamson County.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you have 2,000 to 5,000 voters so outraged at this that they would switch parties,” she said.

Those numbers, if true, are a death knell for any candidate that continue to support this paln, and still the proceed. That kind of a swing to the Democrats, (2 -5 thousand votes), in conjunction with the demographic changes that have occurred, and all the new Democrats that turned out in the primary, would spell real trouble for the WCGOP come November.

It’s key for all those whose property remains in the path of any of the routes on the whittled-down list, to remember who the Williamson County Commissioners Court (WCCC) is responsive to, and it’s not the people. Since releasing this plan the WCCC has gotten nothing but negative reactions from the people of Williamson County, and they’ve been less than responsive. Those that the commissioners are beholden to: developers, road construction corporations, engineering corporations, old friends (CTRMA), and consultans, won’t let them scuttle what they’ve been working toward. They’ve paid good money for these politicians and they want results.

The August 4th meeting will show the residents of Liberty Hill quite a bit. It’s likely the residents will be strung along a little further at the meeting. But even if they aren’t, can they trust what these politicians will tell them? If reelected it’s likely they’ll go back on their word once again to the people, and do what those who funded their campaigns put them in office to do - build the SH 29 toll road.

There are still some that haven’t realized it yet but the current crop of elected officials in Williamson County do not fear the people. They perceive the county to be solid Republican and aren’t worried about the people voting them out. That’s why they will not kill this abomination outright. One party rule has brought tremendous arrogance of the people to our county government. They know what’s good for us, we just need to come to terms with what they decree.

This will continue until they see the people will no longer stand by and accept their unaccountable governance. They must be voted out of office, it’s how we do it in a Democracy. Political powder keg indeed. Accountability comes in November.

Jaime Lynn for County Attorney
Mike Grimes for Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 1
Greg Wyndham for Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 3

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