HCG assails WCS article on the landfill

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You can read the Hutto Citizens Group’s (HCG) “letter to the editor” here [.pdf] regarding this article, The roof’s the limit for county landfill recycling, from the September 4, 2008 issue of the WCS.

One part not highlighted by the HCG in their letter is the second paragraph in the article, which states:

The “pilot projects,” developed by landfill manager Waste Management, Inc., are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to appease the community with more recycling options. (Empahsis added).

That makes it seem like WMI is trying to play nice with recycling in an effort to appease those that are opposed to a continued “sweehheart” deal for them at the Williamson County Landfill. It’s hard to see this article as more than an attempt to bring a little good PR to WMI and the commissioners regarding the landfill. The truth is this is a little more than a test and, as the article states, quoting Robin Schneider, executive director of the Texas Campaign for the Environment:

“I think recycling construction debris is a big opportunity, but there can be problems”, she said. “We have seen some of these recycling projects turn into huge dump sites.” Ms. Shcneider noted that Waste Management only applied for a temporary recycling permit, not a permanent one. “They’re not committed to doing it for the long haul,” she said, “it could be yanked”.

Like once the new contract is signed and the community is sufficiently appeased.

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