Dave McNeely & Chris Bell Shine A Light On “Grandma”

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She was for all of Perry’s plans before she was against them. While parties convene, Strayhorn stirs pot:

Strayhorn obviously has trouble with hard-core Republicans who attend conventions like this. But she may also have problems with Democrats - if Bell can put a bright enough spotlight on her sins against the Democrats, plus her pinball record. Bell will point out that the Tough Grandma hasn’t been a friend to Democrats. And her positions, like her travels, have been all over

You can read Chris Bell’s convetion speech here, A New Texas Revolution.

Whether it’s privatizing the Medicaid call centers , deregulating college tuition , building toll-roads , cutting children’s health insurance , promoting private-school vouchers , or gutting the Texas Tomorrow Fund, Carole Strayhorn helped Rick Perry perpetuate his reign of error as long as it suited her political plans.

She is nothing more than a politician in search of a parade. And now she’s trying to be our buddy. You know what? We don’t need a Carole-Come-Lately. We need a leader to stand up today and tomorrow and the day after that, no matter which way the political winds are blowing.

The light is on Grandma.

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