Commissioners Join Citizens In Appealing Judge Carnes Landfill Ruling

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Via the Hutto Citizens Group:

[Yesterday] the Williamson County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to appeal the ruling by District Judge Burt Carnes in which Carnes said the 2003 Landfill Operating Agreement (LOA) between Williamson County and Waste Management, Inc. is a legal contract, based on the Texas Health & Safety Code. (For clarification of the misreporting by media, it is pointed out that Carnes DID NOT rule that the county can’t put the landfill contract out for public bid.) The ruling is also being appealed by intervenors in the case who sided with the county. For background, read the press release published by the HCG on May 30.

While this is good news, the WCCC shouldn’t be applauded for doing what they should have been doing all along - helping the citizens of Williamson County. At this point it’s impossible to tell if this in anything other than an election year ploy. It’s not a tough decision for the WCCC to jump onto an appeal that’s already been filed, and it’s likely there won’t be a ruling before the election. The key is to get commissioners on the court that will work with the citizens from the beginning and get rid of those that make the citizens use the courts to get the assistance they should have been getting form their elected officials from the beginning.

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