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Chris Bell’s website points us to some hilarious audio (listen to the laughter in the background) of “One-Equivocating-Grandma”. There are some great links there and it’s rather sad to hear her dodge the questions. She wants us to believe that a candidate that’s been in the race this long still hasn’t been able to figure out what her opinion is on these issues. I think that’s disingenuous. Which lead me to see what her position is on the issues and lo-and-behold, her campaign web site which has no issues link.

Carlos Guerra has an article in the SAEN about Chris Bell, Bell sees chance to win five-way race if Democrats get energized.

But the real reason Bell was “preaching to the choir” is that he needs to convince his base that he can win, which is why he noted that, “experts predict that between 38 and 42 percent of the vote will carry the day,” and “during these bleak last 12 years when we haven’t won statewide elections, Democrats running statewide have gotten 38 to 42 percent of the vote; that’s our baseline vote.

“If we stick together, united, we can have a Democratic governor in January,” he said, “and it’s important for us to learn to win again because Texas needs us to lead again because we are in last place in an astounding number of categories.

“We will continue to remind people that Rick Perry and Carole (Keeton) Strayhorn are two sleeves in the same empty suit,” he said later.

There was also this ediorial in yesterday’s AAS on media attention of lack of it, Lack of media buzz is a hurdle for 2 in governor’s race. The writer made some valid points about Perry (bully pulpit) and Kinky (media darling) getting much mor PR than Bell and Strayhorn. He lost me on this part though:

So, the challenge is on for independent Strayhorn and Democrat Bell, neither of whom has personal wealth, to spend a lot of time prying money out of donors. It’s going to be a big hill to climb for both.

Democrats have been shut out of statewide office for a decade, and Sam Houston was the last independent candidate to be elected governor — in 1859.

That kind of history makes big donors shy.

Big money isn’t a guarantee that a candidate will win. If deep pockets were the answer, “Tony Sanchez would be governor, and Ross Perot would be president,” Sullivan quipped in reference to the two multimillionaires whose well-financed quests for those prizes fizzled.

But anyone who believes that an underfinanced underdog can capture the imagination and ride a grass-roots groundswell into office is stuck in a Frank Capra film festival.

Vote-getting is more art than science, but art has to be subsidized if anyone is going to see it.

For Bell and Strayhorn to compete for ears and eyeballs, they need to have money in hand now for the paid media and something other than a daily gripe about Perry to get coverage.

Otherwise, what could be a most interesting governor’s race is going to be a two-way contest with Perry looking gubernatorial and Friedman blowing smoke rings.

Anybody who’s been watching this race knows Carole ain’t hurtin’ for money.

Perry reported $9.4 million cash-on-hand before the March GOP primary. Strayhorn entered the year with $8.1 million, trailed by Friedman with $271,000, according to reports.

Bell reported $98,700 cash-on-hand before the March primary.

I believe Kinky has taken the media buzz/media darling title away from Carole. She probably would have it had Kinky not been in the race.

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