Twitter the vote in Williamson County

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To best explain this I will post OffTheKuff’s post below, Report voting conditions and problems using Twitter:

Dwight tells about the Twitter vote report, which aims to capture in real time reports about voting conditions, technical problems, and so on. You can go to that page for a feed of what’s being reported, and if you yourself are a Twitter user, to make use of the #hashtags technique to add in your own observations. You can also help out via text messaging or the good old fashioned telephone - see Dwight’s post or the Twitter vote report page for the details. We’ve got all these ways to shine light on problems as they occur, we may as well use them, right?

Note the comments in Dwight’s post from Rorschach about restrictions on the use of electronic devices near polling places. Rorschach is not a reliable source of information, but even if he’s absolutely correct here, I don’t see how that’s an insurmountable obstacle. You can always make a mental or written note of whatever questionable thing you observe if it happens while you’re on line, then tweet about it to your heart’s content once you’re outside and beyond the 100 foot line. The point is not to be silent if you see something that’s wrong. Tell the election judges if it’s something they can and should fix (that’s what they’re there for), and tell the world. Thanks very much.

Lines, polling place conditions, etc…, send them to Twitter.

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