This Is Why I Watch Keith Olbermann

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Nobody, and I mean nobody, does interviews like this (click link to watch video).

John Dean joined Keith Olbermann Monday to explain the theories in his new book, “Conservatives Without Conscience,” which explains a lot of the behavior we see today.To put it simply, Dean makes the case (with data he uncovered) that many conservatives of today need an authoritarian figure to guide them and they willingly do whatever it takes to please that figure. Dean cites G. Gordon Liddy as the perfect example of a guy willing to be shot in the street to indulge his master. He highlights the fear mongering that this administration has been using for years now as a model that allows the concept to be implemented. The way Tom Delay controlled the House is another perfect illustration of this behavior. Dean is a Barry Goldwater conservative.

His ratings are increasing and it must be true because Fox is attacking him, which is even more reason to watch him. I usually watch the replay at 11:00 pm. John Stewart is very good too and he will have John Dean on tonight.

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