Don’t Forget The Gubernatorial Candidate Forum Tonight

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Come see the governor defend his plan to give away Texas farm land to a Spanish owned corporation for the good of our state. Oh yeah, I forgot Gov. Perry won’t be there:

Perry foes to attack corridor plan

Gov. Rick Perry’s three challengers will gather tonight east of Temple for what is likely to be a two-hour attack on the GOP governor’s Trans-Texas Corridor plan. The Blackland Coalition, formed a year ago in opposition to the proposed network of intrastate toll roads and rail lines, is hosting the forum on the plan and eminent domain. It begins at 7 p.m. at Seaton Star Hall, 10842 Texas 53.

Democrat Chris Bell as well as independents Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman (who are attempting to qualify for the November gubernatorial ballot) will give 15- to 20-minute speeches. All have said they oppose Perry’s corridor plan as well as all or most toll roads.

Perry was invited but will not appear.

A few things here. First, notice the title by the AAS. Makes it sound like just a bunch of people sitting around complaining. The Blackland Coalition was formed to give voice to those who didn’t have one in our current state government. What else were they supposed to do? Certainly their state representation wasn’t voicing these constituents opposition to this plan. In actuality one of they were instrumental in shepherding - I personally like the moniker of the “Highway Twins” - this plan through the legislature. Second, it mentions nothing about the fact that this “proposed network of intrastate toll roads and rail lines” will be taking away family farms and some of the best farmland in Texas and has had little, if any, public input about it’s proposed path. And last, If this is such a good plan shouldn’t Gov. Perry be able to attend an event like this and defend his plan?

Get the details for the event here.

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