Who Is The Conservative Spokeperson For Republicans In Texas?

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The premise of this post is to show that the Republican Party of Texas, in statewide elections, now takes it’s conservative base for granted. They run to the middle and that’s where they stay. The RPT’s candidates no longer feel the need to do anything for the conservative base other than pander to them every once in a while with a little gay marriage, or religious talk.

That became crystal clear when reading Gardner Selby’s article in today’s AAS, Dewhurst, Hutchison speak out on immigration. What they’re saying doesn’t follow what most conservatives think should be happening when it comes to the immigration issue in Texas. There is not a Republican running statewide in Texas that will embrace the conservative, aka radical, position on immigration that was set out in the Republican Party’s platform, which the predominantly conservative delegates ratified at their convention in June. (An interesting side not really quick on the immigration issue as it pertains to the race for governor. Look at this DMN article from May, scroll down for the Q&A, and check out all the candidates stances on this issue. Notice Chris Bell is the only one making sense. Perry’s answers are from Karl Rove, Kinky answers unsure to most questions and ‘ol What’s Her Name didn’t respond). What this means is a “true” conservative will run for Governor in 2010 and there will finally be a bloody Republican primary for governor in Texas. That primary will include one or both of the names mentioned in Mr. Selby’s article.

The TTC is another issue that the conservatives in the RPT are against, it’s in the platform too, but all statewide GOP candidates are for it. Will this keep the conservatives home in November? One can hope. But an even more important question is, who will emerge as the conservative spokesperson for Republicans in Texas?

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