KXAN talks only to wing nuts about stimulus bill

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Last night while watching the local news on KXAN did a piece on the stimulus bill that just passed, Texas divies out the stimulus package. I was stunned with it’s one-sided analysis on the stimulus. The report had some interesting information regarding what it means for Central Texas and how the money will be spent.

The national stimulus package is expected to send $10.5 billion to Texas, for a variety of targeted spending. Nearly half, $5 billion, would go towards education and job training. Another $2.3 billion would be intended for highways, and $1 billion for extending food stamps.

Hundreds of millions more would be spent on unemployment benefits, help for the homeless, clean water projects, updating the electric grid and providing loans for renewable energy investments.

All needed and the money will be spent, and will stimulate the economy, (see chart page 3 [.pdf]). But when it came to who KXAN interviewed for analysis of the stimulus, well, let’s just say the story took a serious right turn. They interviewed former GOP state legislator Talmadge Heflin now of the TPPF, a right wing think tank funded by James Leininger. Next they turned to Peggy Venable, of the anti any tax group Americans for Prosperity, to spew nothing but debunked GOP talking points, without any follow up. It certainly would have been a much better report if they would have included someone with a different point of view. Maybe someone from the Center for Public Policy Priorities perhaps?

Letting one side only have their say in a report like this is not right. But letting that one side come on and say misleading, if not false things, is even worse. This is not what I ‘ve come to expect better from KXAN.

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