More on the Schieffer announcement

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Burnt Orange Report has video of announcement and Q&A here, in three parts.

Also analysis from Glenn Smith, On Tom Schieffer and the Rise of Texas Democrats.

First, a word about Tom. I met him back in 1988 while working in the Sen. Lloyd Bentsen campaign. I didn’t know him well, but I remember him as intelligent, serious, and professional. Those are three qualities we need in the governor’s mansion.

Some progressives may be tempted to ask why they should embrace a former business partner of George W. Bush, a man who was named by Bush as ambassador to Japan and Australia. Truth is, I haven’t heard too much of this from members of an increasingly mature and pragmatic movement. But those who are tempted should consider the following.

If Texas Democrats are to complete their remarkable comeback, we’re gonna have to welcome home a large number of Bush voters and backers. That’s just reality.

It’s hard to argue with that last paragraph.

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