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Bill White’s first TV spot. It’s about a topic that the GOP candidates don’t care about, and aren’t’ talking about - Education:

In Spanish, (via BOR):

BOR also links to to a Bud Kennedy column, Gubernatorial candidates need schooling about crucial issue, on the last GOP debacle debate which has this catch:

If U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison had any hope of gaining ground on Perry in this debate, she needed to talk about education and Texas’ dropout rate. That might have stirred Texas schoolteachers to show up and vote in the Republican primary March 2.

But two debates have produced absolutely zero questions about Texas schools. Instead, the newscast-debate seemed to focus on which toll roads are dead or alive, plus something called the Texas Enterprise Fund.

We also learned about poor Gov. James Pinckney Henderson, the first governor of Texas after independence and the answer to a petty trivia question that stumped not only Hutchison but almost every Texan.

It’s probably best they skipped it. It’s not like any of them would have an answer. They likely think we spend too much already on education, and we just need to defund the TEA and we’d have plenty of money for education.

Today is the last day to register to vote in the March 2nd Primary.

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