The Williamson County Strategic Plan

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On today’s Williamson County Commissioners Court (WCCC) agenda was item # 27:

Discuss and take appropriate action on draft of the Williamson County Long-Range Strategic Plan.

It can be read here in two formats [.doc] and [.pdf]. It is referred to at the bottom of each page as the “Williamson County Internal Assessment & Strategic Plan”. Here’s an excerpt from the Executive Summary:

The Strategic Plan is a comprehensive compilation of the County’s goals and values. The process of the plan (described in greater detail below) included interviews with all elected officials and department heads, collecting their individual goals, priorities and mission. Compiled, sorted, and analyzed, the goals provide a blueprint for the long- and short-term development of the County.

Kurt Johnson of the Williamson County Public Policy Coalition has this analysis, The Williamson County strategic plan draft is full of holes [.pdf]. Here’s an excerpt from it:

Based on the document’s description of the compilation process, it appears that there was neither public involvement nor public input into the contents of this draft. Nowhere within the language of the scope of
the draft nor in any information provided by the county is there an indication of whether there will be public involvement or how it might occur. The very idea that such an important document would be
considered and/or adopted in the absence of a defined process for public input contradicts the very definition of open government. Further, the failure to define or schedule a process for citizens to have a public dialogue with officials regarding the strategic plan is a major shortcoming at this point in the process. Even if the county intended for such a process to occur, that description should have been set forth in this LCRA draft, if not sooner.

It’s highly recommended that all residents of Williamson County take a look at this plan and educate themselves on where the current elected representatives in this county deem important in the future. As well as reading Johnson’s analysis, and coming up with questions of their own for the county’s elected representatives.

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  1. Windham12 said,

    April 6, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    The commissioners rightly acknowledged that this plan was merely a rough draft. Mr. Johnson’s comments during the citizen comment portion of the meeting were succint and
    persuasive. He did an excellent job of bringing attention to the flegling document that will grow into a finished plan after citizen input is considered. I believe the commissioners were swayed by his eloquent portrayal of the document’s lack of breadth and scope. Kudos from the audience.

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