Gilbert points out Staples negligence, consumers getting ripped off

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This week Democratic candidate for Agriculture Commissioner Hank Gilbert began pointing out the negligent job the commission, headed by GOP incumbent Todd Staples, has been doing inspecting gas pumps across Texas. It’s gotten so bad that there are gas pumps in Texas with inspection stickers still on them from when Rick Perry was the Commissioner, that was 1998.

The issue here is that gas pumps in Texas are supposed to be checked for accuracy every four years. And many of these are out of compliance and likely overcharging consumers for gasoline. This needs to stop!

It was so bad that as Hank was holding a press conference on this subject the TDA inspector showed up to inspect the gas pump. Here’s how Brains and Eggs reported it.

The regional inspector from the Texas Department of Agriculture, having been alerted by Todd Staples — who was obviously paying attention to Hank Gilbert‘s press conference during their joint appearance at the DMN editorial board interview last Friday, when Gilbert announced he would have a presser today to video the 13-year-old-stickers - showed up to inspect the pumps during Gilbert’s press conference.

Here’s what Hank had to say about this:

There’s more on this issue in these two reports from a local TV station (KETK) in Tyler. Gilbert says Staples ignoring gas pump inspections, and Staples says Gilbert got it wrong (No he did not).

We need to elect people who will fight for the consumer and not those that are lax on large corporations. Hank Gilbert will certainly do fight for the consumer if elected, unlike like the incumbent. As he said, “The only people getting cheated here are the consumers”. So check out HankGilbert‘s web site, his reform plan.

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