Rep. Mike Krusee’s Claims About The TTC’s Route Through Williamson County Are False

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Before and after the election Rep. Mike Krusee was telling anyone who would listen that his critics were wrong and the current SH-130 through Williamson County would also serve as the TTC’s route through Williaimson Conty. (EOW well documented it here). Here’s Rep. Krusee’s quote from a TDP article on 11/18/06:

One issue that Krusee said his office has been consistently contacted about is the route of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

“I’ve already said this - the SH 130 corridor has been designated Williamson County’s Trans-Texas Corridor,” he said. “It’s not going to go through Taylor or Granger or other areas on the eastern side of the county. My office is routinely contacted by people who are concerned and we do our best to inform them on the status of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

“In the coming months, I suspect TxDOT will further narrow the proposed path of the corridor around SH-130; an additional toll-road further east will not be built.”

This past Monday night there was a meeting in East Williamson County including concerned citizens and a TxDOT representative, Dieter Billek. Anyone who attended the TTC hearings over the summer should recognize his name, he moderated those hearings. Here is what Mr. Billick said at the meeting Monday about the TTC’s route and SH 130:

Several members of the Blackland Prairie Concerned Citizens group questioned whether SH-130 will serve as Williamson County’s only contribution to the TTC project, a position stated by House Transportation Committee chair Rep. Mike Krusee, R-District 52.

“Officially, SH-130 is not part of the TTC-35 project,” Billek said. “Someday it might be. In fact, the likelihood is very great it will be incorporated. However, in the environmental process we do have to look at SH-130. Can it fulfill its purpose for the TTC-35? We cannot say at this point.

“Federal law dictates that we follow a policy. That policy and the subsequent environmental impact studies will determine what the TTC is and where it will play out.”

If my farm or property was in the path of any of the proposed routes what Mr. Billek said wouldn’t give me much comfort, or confidence in what Rep. Krusee said. Especially, as the House Transportation Committee meeting showed this week, the kind of deference Rep. Krusee shows to TxDOT.

The AusChron has more on the Committee hearing including the problems that Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (R-Irving) has with Ric Williamson, Transportation Funding Friction. Sal has video of that too.

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