McBlogger Chews-Up & Spits-Out The GACoC

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EOW posted earlier in the week on the AAS Editorial that came out in conjunction with the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce (GACoC) announcement of it’s new pro-toll initiative. The basic point being made was that whenever the MSM makes it’s case for a gas tax over tolls they treat them as equals. When everybody knows that raising the gas tax is much cheaper and fairer and saner than toll roads. But don’t take my word for it, take McBlogger’s, The Austin Chamber of Commerce loves them some tolls.

Yeah, the problem, as Senator Watson is finding out, is not accountability, it’s the fairness of tolls themselves and how much more expensive they are than gas taxes. That’s why tolls are going to be DOA and our leaders that support them are going to have some real problems down the road. Tolls almost cost the Chair of the House Transportation Committee his seat in this last cycle (what, you thought we’d get through this without mentioning Krusee even once?).

This is not going away and there will be serious electoral consequences in the future for elected officials that don’t listen to the public on the issue of transportation and tolls.

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