TTC/Privatization Moratorium Bills Headed For Veto Proof Majorities In Both Chambers

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The public approval and debate over the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) and, more importantly, the comprehensive development agreements/public private partnerships/(privatization) of our highways in Texas has, unfortunately, happened backwards. With a public airing of the implications coming after the plan was approved. The legislation was passed, even approved by voters, and only then, once the people started becoming aware of it’s full impact, did a real debate begin to take place. Now, to get this issue back in the correct order - an informed debate/sunshine then allowing the public to have their say - we must have a moratorium on the TTC and privatization. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the pro-privatization side about how this will put us further behind. But rest assured, it is much better to get this right than to rush a bad plan.

From Sal we learn that HB 2772 - the moratorium bill in the House, it’s companion in the Senate is SB 1267 - has been referred to the Transportation Committee. (Corridor News is updating cosponsors to the bills on their site). With this bill being referred to the committee it’s now obvious that the bad, long-term, political implications of the TTC are too much to allow Republicans to continue to support this scheme. Their continued support of the TTC will devastate them in rural communities and they know it.

Which brings up to Last Term Krusee and Mr 39%. It appears the final impediments to getting the moratorium through the legislature are Krusee and Gov. Perry. Both, in case you forgot, had poor showings in last November’s and their support of the TTC had much to do with that. I doubt the GOP will let a bill, whose failure could do so much long-term damage to their party, be held up by a representative that won’t even be around next session. As for Perry, well if the numbers get a little higher in the House, they’ll be able to override 39%’s veto.

The moratorium, as Sen. Nichols editorial in today’s Startlegram points out, does not stop legitimate - my word - toll roads, those that do not involve privatization. All the moratorium does is allow for what’s vital in a democracy, an informed public debate over how we fund our transportation infrastructure in Texas. And an increase in the gas tax - which is almost always missing from the debate, as is the case in Sen. Nichols Op-Ed - is essential to keeping our roads “OURS” and affordable. An open and informed debated on this issue is what those that are for the TTC scheme have been afraid of the whole time, and that’s why they have been, and continue to be for no debate on this issue. If it’s so good then they should be able to come out in the open and explain it to the people of Texas.

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