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McBlogger watched the debate so we didn’t have to, A Stunning Display Of Total Cluelessness.

They all seem to think regulation is killing businesses, though none of them know which ones or which ones to change or seem to know that the vast majority of businesses think lack of demand for their products is the single biggest obstacle to job growth. It’s funny that business doesn’t agree with any of these people, they agree with Paul Krugman who has been saying FOR YEARS demand was the problem. The moderators never once asked about this. They never pressed the candidates for real answers or called them on their lies The moderators might as well have been plastic toys and should be ashamed of themselves for their failure to hold these people accountable.

All of the Republican candidates completely missed the point of The Other 99% and Occupy Wall Street. For those of you who don’t really understand it, here’s a good primer. The protests are about the fact that, in America today, we’re not all in this together and the realization on the part of many in the lower 99% that the system is, in fact, rigged.

Every Republican candidate would perpetuate that. I’m embarrassed that these people are seriously being considered as possible leaders for this nation. They are all the human equivalent of cat sick.

Read the whole thing, he breaks down each contestants performance, or lack there of.

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