McClatchy: “Iraq War will drag on…at a cost of another 1,600 American dead and $13 billion a month”

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Excellent commentary from McClatchy, Bush still refuses to admit he was wrong. It’s not just about Bush it’s takes it to the Democrats too. A few excerpts below:

Well, now we’ve heard from General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker and President George W. Bush, and it appears that the Surge has succeeded — succeeded in guaranteeing that the Iraq War will drag on for the last 16 months of the Bush presidency at a cost of another 1,600 American dead and $13 billion a month.

Extending the war, kicking that can down the road, was President Bush’s only strategic objective last January when he came up with the idea of escalating the number of American troops in Iraq from 130,000 to today’s 170,000. Put simply, the Decider wants to hand off the decision to pull the plug on his unwinnable war to someone else, anyone else.

Four and a half years after this president ordered the invasion of Iraq in a gross act of arrogance and ignorance based on faulty, bogus and politically twisted intelligence — and after repeatedly changing the rationales and objectives of the war as each has failed in turn — we’re going to continue this war because George W. Bush is incapable of admitting that he was wrong, wrong, wrong.


Every American commander in Iraq has stated the obvious from Day One: This war cannot be won militarily. It cannot be won by American troops. It cannot be won by wishful thinking. It can only be won by the Iraqis themselves, and their definition of victory is built on dreams of bloody revenge and the slaughter of innocents.

When our president talks of peace returning to the streets of Baghdad, he mistakes the silence of empty, abandoned homes and sectarian cleansing for progress. He confuses the segregation of Shia and Sunni, each in their own ghettos behind tall concrete walls, for progress. More than 3 million Iraqis have been driven from their homes and neighborhoods into exile, internal or external, and this he calls success.


The president announced that he was taking Gen. Petraeus’ advice and ordering the beginning of 10-month gradual drawdown of the extra 30,000 troops of the surge — a drawdown that everyone knew was inevitable simply because our Army and Marine Corps cannot sustain that level of troops in Iraq beyond next March.

On the schedule the president laid down this week, we’ll still have some 138,000 troops on the ground in Iraq next July, and 100,000 on January 20, 2009, when Bush’s successor will take office, and he made it clear that he hopes to have agreements in place to ensure an American military presence there for many years to come.

Will Bush get away with this? From all the evidence at hand, the answer, sadly, is yes. Only the Democrats in Congress stand in his way, and they have yet to find their spines, or a semblance of moral courage, or even a sufficient understanding of the Constitution and its clauses on war making and war-financing, to override The Decider.

It’s a long journey from now to January 20, 2009, and the blood of many Americans and even more Iraqis will flow freely and stain the hands of those who allow this insane war to continue at the behest of a stubborn, unseeing, unthinking man from Crawford, Texas.

The last part may be the saddest. I can’t understand why Democrats in Congress won’t use the powers given to them by our Founding Fathers to stop this already.

Cornyn, Bush And The Surge

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Sen. John Cornyn was at Camp Mabry in Austin yesterday. It’s the headquarters for Texas’ National Guard. Here’s what he said, via the Starlegram.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said Thursday that he supports the planned drawdown of American troops from Iraq, but he acknowledged that those soldiers might have to return if the conflict descends into further chaos.

“I hope and pray that we won’t be backsliding in that security situation,” Cornyn said during a visit to a National Guard installation in Austin. “But I think the men and women of the military understand that when their nation needs them, it needs them. … I think we are going to have to react to whatever the threats are.”

It’s interesting that now Cornyn is admitting that Iraq is in chaos. And of course our military will sacrifice for our country, that’s a given.

Here’s what the two Democrats vying to challenge him had to say:

The two Democrats vying to challenge Cornyn next year disputed the assertion that Iraq is headed in the right direction.

“It’s time to lead from the front and not hide behind the administration or hide behind photo opportunities with the best and bravest of the United States armed forces,” said state Rep. Rick Noriega of Houston, who is expected to seek the nomination in the March 4 Democratic primary.

“It’s time now to bring our men and women home.”

San Antonio lawyer Mikal Watts, who is also expected to seek the Democratic nomination, said the strategy envisioned by Bush and endorsed by Cornyn is misguided.

“John Cornyn is willing to rubber-stamp this administration’s aimless policies that would keep our troops hunkered down in Iraq for years to come. I’m not,” Watts said.

“We need a smart strategy for immediately ending our involvement in Iraq’s civil war and repairing our strategic alliances around the world so that our grandchildren won’t have to go back.”

It’s hard to see how anyone, not in a Bush fog, can argue that Iraq isn’t in chaos. Even the New WH Report Contradicts Bush’s Claim That Troop Drawdown Is Result Of ‘Success’ In Iraq. Cornyn then goes on to praise Bush for his stubbornness despite reality.

Cornyn said Bush should be credited for pursuing the course that he believes is in the nation’s best interests despite waning support for the war.

“He’s not going to be motivated by public opinion polls, but rather by what’s (what he believes) is in the national security interest of the United States,” he said.

The changes to the above paragraph was made by EOW to better reflect what our president is doing with Iraq. What the president believes and what needs to be done are two completely different things. Staying in Iraq to stroke the president’s ego is no longer an option Senator.

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