It’s Election Day! Get out and vote!

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EOW’s first recommendation is get out and vote! Other than that here are a few recommendations. None of the Constitutional Amendments are particularly appealing, but we specifically recommend a vote against Proposistion 2 and Proposition 4 on the statewide ballot.

As for the local ballot items, a no vote is recommended on Proposition 9 and Proposition 10 on the Round Rock city ballot. Both are taxpayer giveaways for so-called economic development.

In Hutto, money for public education is on the ballot, and EOW recommends a Yes vote.

Find out what’s on the ballot and where to vote at the Williamson County Elections page. Polls are open from 7AM to 7PM.

Here are a few voter guides to look to get familiar with the issues:

Texas Legislative Council.

The Burnt Orange Report.

League of Women Voters.

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