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Nothing shows the evidence of the changing mood in our nations debate more, since last Summer, then these two graphs, (via ThinkProgress, CHART: Thanks To The 99 Percent Movement, Media Finally Covering Jobs Crisis And Marginalizing Deficit Hysteria from October):

A ThinkProgress review of the media coverage of the last week of July found that the word “debt” was mentioned more than 7,000 times on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, and “unemployed” was only mentioned 75 times:

Yet now, things have changed. With the debt ceiling debates behind the country and thanks partly to the pressure being brought upon politicians and the media by the 99 Percent Movement and the occupations taking place all over the country, it looks as if the press is finally focusing on the jobs crisis and the behavior of Wall Street instead. A ThinkProgress review of the same three networks between Oct. 10 and Oct. 16 finds that the word “debt” only netted 398 mentions, while “occupy” grabbed 1,278, Wall Street netted 2,378, and jobs got 2,738:

Here’s a few more signs. Voter’s in so-called “tea party” districts are starting to have buyer’s remorse, More Now Disagree with Tea Party – Even in Tea Party Districts. And the Occupy movement’s message that is anti-Wall Street greed, and for higher taxes on the rich is scaring the GOP to it’s core. It’s getting so bad that even elected Republicans are saying things like this - Mike Johanns: There’s a ‘change in mood’ on tax increases in GOP.

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