Yesterday’s Lege Action - [UPDATED]

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House passes appraisal relief”.

A bill designed to give homeowners some relief from rising property appraisals was tentatively approved by the House on Monday on a vote of 87-53. Supporters said House Bill 216 would give local appraisers more “wiggle room” when it comes to review by the state comptroller, who checks to make sure that local officials are appraising property at actual market value.

But as the article says:

The bill is expected to cost nearly $2 billion between now and 2012 as the state must make up for cutting back local school taxes, according to a fiscal note.

Where’s that money going to come from? This looks like it’s putting another hole in our future budgets.

Senate keeps redistricting panel alive.

A Senate bill would create a redistricting commission made up of nine citizens not holding public office, with four Republicans, four Democrats and one commission leader. Drawing up a new map of congressional districts would occur once per decade by the commission, beginning in 2011. The bill must pass once more in the Senate, then the House.

This almost looks good. If the commission leader has a vote than that, more than likely, will mean little change. That persons partisan bent will then break the ties. Both parties should have equal votes to force compromise and tough decisions being made. With a commission like this neither side should be completely happy with the outcome but it will, hopefully, be legal and fair.

[UPDATE]: Looks good, this from the SAEN, Senate backs idea of redistricting panel.

The eight voting members of the commission — four Republicans and four Democrats — would be chosen by the Legislature’s political caucuses. They would be unpaid.

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