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Via TPM, Perry Isn’t Dropping Out — But Will The Debates Drop Him?

A new question confronting Rick Perry’s campaign, as he attempts to make his final stand in the South Carolina primary on January 21: Will he even be allowed to take part in the CNN debate on January 19, two days before the big event?

According to the channel’s criteria for inclusion, a candidate must have placed at least 4th in either Iowa or New Hampshire, or get 7% support in at least three national Republican or three South Carolina primary polls released in January. The requirements were posted online last Tuesday afternoon, several hours before before the Iowa caucuses began later that night.

Perry meets none of those qualifications at time of writing. [Emphasis added]

Perry came in fifth place in Iowa, and sixth in New Hampshire. And currently, his national andSouth Carolina poll numbers do not show him meeting that threshold, either.

In only one national poll so far in January, from Reuters, is Perry at 7% support. He is not yet at 7% in any January poll from South Carolina.

Perry, whose current term in office, can somewhat be attributed to the fact that he was successful in ducking debates last year. Is seeing his Presidential run implode, and receiving a political humbling, because of his disastrous performances in the debates this year. Sweet justice.

[UPDATE]: CNN has taken pity on Perry, CNN Apparently Waives Its Own Debate Rules To Let Rick Perry In. Maybe he threatened to sue CNN if they didn’t let him in?

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