Two Reports - the revolving door in Texas & ALEC exposed in Texas

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The first if part 1 of a three part series they’re calling “Shark Week” on the revolving door in Texas politics, Perry’s Roomie Toomey Mobilizes the Corporate Lobby.

Texas leads the pack when it comes to public officials swimming through the “revolving door” and morphing into special-interest lobbyists. Nothing stops our lawmakers or the governor’s staff and appointees from selling their connections to the highest bidder. Reformers have long tried to put the brakes on Texas’ revolving door. TPJ takes a close look at Governor Perry’s revolving door during Shark Week.

And then this on from Progress Texas, ALEC Exposed in Texas.

The Corporate Agenda
How an exclusive network of corporations and lawmakers write the laws to increase corporate profits at public expense in Texas.

The Money Trail
How corporations that underwrite this organization for legislators, in which over 98% of its funding is from corporations and sources other than legislative dues, funneled $16.2 million to Texas lawmakers from 2001-2011.

The Laws and Lawmakers
How Texas lawmakers sold out their constituents, and what we can do to put Texans first again.

If you’re not familiar with these topics they explain much about why our state government is more focused on corporate profit then what’s best for Texas and Texans.

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