TPJ Report - Rep. Mike Krusee, Frequent Flyer - UPDATED - UPDATED II

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Texans for Public Justice has released it’s report on flights paid for by private interests for state officials, Making Connections: State Officials and Their Private-Interest Travel Agents. This from the press release:

  • The top legislative recipients of travel gifts were Senator Kim Brimer (R-Fort Worth) as well as Representatives Kino Flores (D-Palmview) and Mike Krusee (R-Round Rock).
  • […]

  • Toll road lobbyists flew Rep. Mike Krusee to Washington, New York and Las Vegas. Krusee went to the Big Apple, for example, when the Bond Buyer newspaper awarded the Southwest region’s “Deal-of-the-Year” award to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CMTRA) for issuing $238 million in toll-road bonds. Krusee authored the 2003 legislation that authorized CTRMA to issue such bonds.

The main offender, of course, is Gov. 39% with 66 trips. Here’s the list. No mention of Williamson County’s other Dan Gattis in the report, Sen. Ogden had 2 such trips.

[UPDATE]: Sal’s got much, much more of Rep. Krusee’s trips, Mike Krusee and his Special-Interest Travel Agents.

[UPDATE II]: From the AAS and BOR the TPJ study had errors and there are some questions about how it was done. Keep that in mind, but it does not detract from the whole report.

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