Rep. Krusee Releases A Statement On His Lobbyist Paid Travel

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Link via Pinkdome, and there you have it.

There’s an article about state lawmakers taking trips funded by lobbyists in today’s paper. No one gives three shits about it, because everybody does it, no one is going to vote to change it and it’s boring. But, Rep. Mike Krusee R-Williamson County is quoted:

People can criticize if they want; they do it every day.
You, sir, are an ass. This quote ought to be the main plank of the Republican Party’s platform. People (the voters) may disagree with us, people may be be critical of our policy positions and initiatives but we will not be deterred from our stubbornness, blatant disregard for the will of the people we were voted to represent.Basically, I’m entitled to do whatever the hell I want to do once I’m elected and the rest of y’all can just suck on it. I would suggest Rep. Krusee take a class in “class” and civic duty before he shoots off his big mouth again with such a doozy of a quote. (Emphasis added by EOW)

There’s nothing new about Rep. Krusee showing contempt for anyone, constituents included, that question his actions. Here’s the full quote in context, from the article, Group calls Williamson County lawmaker a ‘lobby favorite.’, not that it changes anything:

Krusee’s office issued a statement Tuesday stating that he “learns from other parts of the country and innovative industries about how to get traffic moving, how to improve safety and how to build roads in cost-effective ways.”

Krusee said last week that he’d be happy to have the state pay travel costs.

“I vote and advocate for the people of my district,” he said. “I don’t even know who funds these trips. People can criticize if they want; they do it every day.”

And with an attitude like that “they” surely will continue to criticize.

I sure hope these folks got their money’s worth buying breakfast, ice cream and salsa. But they may need to send him to Vegas for it their efforts to really pay off.

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