More Evidence Of Rep. Krusee Running For Reelection?

Posted in Election 2008, The Lege, Williamson County at 10:51 am by wcnews

Check this out. Tip to McBlogger who has much more hilarious commentary on this.

Team Krusee, which right now includes 5 people and 2 maybes (out of a possible 40), will be having their first Meetup tonight. It’s all part of what the email calls ‘the largest Republican election effort in Williamson County (TX) history!’

I can totally see why given that it’s 5 people and all. Mike’s running for re-election on a hope, a prayer and 5 dimwits who still haven’t figured out that WillCo is trending D because of demographics and the fact that everything they’ve been sold by Republicans has turned to shit. Seriously, Mike, did you really think there wouldn’t be repercussions for the toll roads? For the school finance fix that wasn’t so much a fix?

Used to be you couldn’t find enough Democrats in WillCo to fill a VW Beetle. Now, you can’t find enough Republicans to fill some crappy venue to talk about the re-election of a sitting State Rep.

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