Chair Vacation Thoughts

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As much as the “wing-nutters” are going to try and make this about the “libruls” trying to take over the Speaker’s chair in the waning days of session by putting a “librul” like Jim Keffer into the chair, that’s not what’s happening.

Will enough Democrats vote to vacate, if enough Republicans came out against Craddick? More than liekly. But, as evidenced by the vote in January, the Democrats won’t vote as a bloc. So it will take a majority of the Republicans in the House to come forward in order for the chair to be vacated. It won’t happen without it.

This, as it always has been, is a fight inside the Texas GOP. Right now it’s about whether or not they want this done now or wait until 209. It would be best for Democrats if this fight kept up now through the primary and into the general election. That’s, more than likely, the only reason this has come up now.

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