SB 792 Passes Senate

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QR is reporting a unanimous vote.

The compromises in the substitute are those that have been discussed in other reports today: an initial discussion of market value of a road, based on commonly held terms and expectations of profit and tolls agreed upon between TxDOT and the local toll authority; the ability of the the local toll authority to bid on the project, based on those terms, and requiring TxDOT to meet the same terms as any toll authority or regional mobility authority; a contract term of 50 years, over 40 years, in CDA agreements in order to require the private contractor to repair or replace the road at least once; and clarification of when the metropolitan planning organization is involved.

What a long way we’ve come since December when Sen. Carona said this, “Within thrity years’ time, under existing comprehensive development agreements, we’ll bring free roads in this state to a condition of ruin.” Oh well.

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