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This is pitch perfect, via BOR, New Texas Democratic Party Chairman Lays into Perry on Health Care.

Dear Democrat,

Rick Perry is refusing $112 billion in health care money for uninsured Texans for three reasons. First, it doesn’t allow for kickbacks to his political donors. Second, he needs to feed his radical rightwing base some red meat. And third … oh heck, he forgot the third.

Now we know why the Texas Republican platform calls for an end to teaching critical thinking skills. Any thinking makes it obvious that Perry’s bullheaded refusal of funding to expand Medicaid is wrong for Texas and deadly for Texans. Rick Perry is playing cute while a teenager never makes it to prom, a father never gets to walk his daughter down the aisle, children are dying from the lack of simple preventative care, and a mother won’t live to see her children to adulthood.

Perry’s decision will cost lives, and it will cost Texans and local governments much needed dollars in a tight economy.

Texans have to wonder how many lives and how much of your money Rick Perry is willing to sacrifice for his political career.

Texas is in 51st place among the 50 states - we are even behind Washington, DC - in delivery of health care to its citizens. But, Rick Perry is turning down these funds, because he believes that Texans know what’s best. Texans do, but their career Republican politicians don’t.

Texas Republicans, including David Dewhurst, Greg Abbott, and Joe Straus hide under the bed in fear of the Tea Party’s irrational wrath if they speak up. Texans will continue to die far before their time while Rick Perry and the Republican Party pander to people who applaud the thought of watching people die in pain at the emergency room door.

Enough is enough. Politicians who call themselves “pro-life” while blithely turning down money to help the living need a swift kick to the rear end and a ticket out of the State of Texas. Help Texas Democrats get this message out.

We need your help to take to the airwaves to demand that Rick Perry and his fellow Republicans quit pandering and start leading. Donate $5, $10 or $50 to help us get the message to the airways that Rick Perry is pigheaded, mean, and financially irresponsible.

Gilberto Hinojosa

Well done Chairman, that’s the best thing I’ve read all week!

Further Reading:
Perry’s Medicaid move will cost us plenty.

Are you willing to pay more taxes and higher health insurance premiums so Gov. Rick Perry and other Republicans can try to score points against President Obama? Never mind. No need to ask. You don’t have a choice. Perry already decided you will pay more. He’s refusing to participate in Medicaid expansion completely paid for by the federal government.

Not joining Medicaid expansion will hurt hospitals, clinics and taxpayers, officials say.

Hospitals and uninsured residents are likely to be hit the hardest if Gov. Rick Perry’s rejection of a massive expansion of Medicaid stands, leaders of health care organizations said.

In addition, clinics that care for the uninsured will be strained further, while taxpayers and patients with health insurance could pay more for health care, they said.

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