Craddick Clinging To The Gavel

Posted in 80th Legislature, The Lege at 11:23 pm by wcnews

Speaker Tom Craddick is in a fight for his political life and EVERYTHING else be damned. Budget bribery, bankrolling opponents, and plain ‘ol threats.

For all the details on the personal privalege speech of Rep. Bryron Cook(R-Corsicana) see Capitol Annex, Capitol Letters, Postcards, and QR.

This isn’t about Texas or even what’s best for his party. He’s willing to let this drag on, put members through “18 months of hell”, and sacrifice any Republican in the House to keep his apartment. His spokesman had this to say after session:

Upon adjournment,spokesman Alexis DeLee reiterated that Speaker Craddick had not participated in recruiting opponents for incumbents nor did he condone such actions.

Of course he wouldn’t be directly involved, plausible deniability.

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