Matt Stillwell relaunches web site, interiewed on YNN Austin

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Matt Stillwell Democratic candidate for the Texas House in District 136 has relaunched his web site, www.mattstillwell.com. It looks great.

He also appeared on YNN Austin on Thursday. The link to the video is here, (scroll to the bottom).

Stillwell’s main reason for running is the issue of public education. He is committed to refunding public education in Texas. From his issues page.

Nationally, Texas ranks near the bottom in many public education categories — and ranks last in some. Our state’s education system is failing our students by almost every measure. And what was the Texas Legislature’s solution? Cut education funding by over $5 billion. While throwing money at a problem is no guarantee for improvement, ask any teacher, principal, or superintendent if the problems our schools face are getting better or worse, and they’ll tell you things are not getting better. The dire challenges our schools face due to the 2011 budget cuts, and the deeper cuts anticipated for 2013, are harming the quality of education of for our most precious and important natural resource — Texas children.

Painful state policy resulting in teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and decreased exposure to arts and electives, puts our students at risk of failing to reach their full potential. More standardized tests are NOT the answer. If we want our economy to grow, and the jobs created to be high paying jobs, we need to make sure Texas has a highly educated workforce. To make sure of this, we must restore full funding for education, while demanding accountability and results from our teachers. We must go beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic to fully develop future leaders.

He’s running in the newly created District 136 [MAP] which includes Northwest Austin, Cedar Park and Leander. If you live in that area and believe in quality public education you need to help Matt Stillwell get elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

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