Voter IDicoy, The Budget & The Moratorium

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Sen. Gallegos was able to go home last night, when Lt. Gov. Dewhurst finally capitulated - Thank you - on the fraud that was Voter IDiocy. Sen. Gallegos penned an Op-Ed for the HChron yesterday, Why right to vote, without an ID, is worth fighting for, explaining the reasons for his stand. Thank you Sen. Gallegos!! (The HChron allows comments and I recommend reading them, it’s amazing how misinformed most of them are).

Budget deal. Sen. Ogden and Rep. Chisum say they have an agreement.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Steve Ogden, R-Bryan, said early this morning that lead negotiators have agreed on a two-year state spending plan that will total about $152 billion.

The deal will avert a threatened veto of education spending by Gov. Rick Perry by addressing changes he sought in university funding, said Ogden, R-Bryan. He and House Appropriations Chairman Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, met Wednesday with the GOP governor.

Still no deal on a moratorium, Toll-road pact is still in talks. Words matter.

Perry spokesman Robert Black said the governor will wait to see the final version of the bill before deciding whether he will sign it. Perry would not sign a bill that he believed would paralyze the state’s efforts to address its serious transportation problems, Black said.

We all know what the governor believes on this issue.

And finally, when a legislator losses power, they’ve been “Krusee-fied”.

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