New format is just like the old format

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This from the DMN, Ted Cruz offers new formula for Republican Party. The new formula appears to be the old formula - school vouchers, privatizing Social Security, and praising George W. Bush.

As Republicans regroup from their drubbing on Election Day, Texas’ Sen.-elect Ted Cruz is offering a prescription to rebuild: The party must be less timid toward Democrats, less hostile toward Hispanics, and more focused on upward mobility than on protecting big business.

“It’s easy to be demoralized, to look at these elections and throw up your hands in despair,” he told conservative activists at a fundraising dinner Thursday, but history teaches that “things can change very, very quickly.”

Republican hand-wringing and finger-pointing have been in full swing over the president’s victory and Democratic gains in the Senate. Cruz, a 41-year-old who takes office in six weeks, is already a heavy hitter among conservatives.

He offered a scathing critique of the GOP’s failures and a solution that hinges on reframing policies and messaging around “opportunity conservatism,” an umbrella that covers such controversial ideas as school vouchers and private Social Security accounts.

“Why did we lose? It wasn’t, as the media would tell you, because the American people embraced big government, Barack Obama’s spending and debt and taxes,” he said, citing exit polls showing that most voters view government as too big.

Polls also showed that more than half the electorate blamed George W. Bush for the soft economy, a tribute to Obama’s relentless effort to deflect blame, he said. “Republicans were curled up in the fetal position, so terrified of uttering the words George W. Bush that we never bothered to contest that proposition.”

Several hundred activists attended the $300-per-plate gala for the American Principles Project. [Emphasis added]

Cruz wanting to be, “.. less hostile toward Hispanics, and more focused on upward mobility than on protecting big business”, sounds like he wants to GOP to become more Democratic. But I hope the GOP takes his “new format” to heart because the GOP strategy of vouchers, privatizing Social Security and embracing George W. Bush has always worked well for Democrats at the national level. In other words bring it on.

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