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Wing nuts produce a report saying that UT and A&M aren’t teaching enough wing nut history.

The report by the National Association of Scholars and its affiliate, the Texas Association of Scholars, examined the textbooks and other readings for 85 sections of lower-division American history courses at the two schools in fall 2010.

Click here to see who funds the National Association of Scholars. They’re also closely associated with the right wing Texas think tank TPPF.

[UPDATE]: Another take on the NAS study, We all politicize history.

Texas House and Senate already spending that $urplu$, Texas House members follow Senate’s lead, increase office budgets.

House members voted Wednesday to increase their office budgets by 10 percent, a day after senators boosted theirs by nearly 7 percent — and as GOP state leaders launched the legislative session affirming their commitment to austere spending.

State representatives’ office allowances for staff, supplies and phone bills will grow by $1,325 a month per member, costing nearly $1 million through the session’s end in May.

Senators, during a vote in a caucus of the entire Senate on Tuesday, increased their allowances by $2,375 a month per member. That five-month tab is nearly $370,000.

Leaders of both chambers have said lawmakers run efficient operations, and the chief House quartermaster, Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, insisted the extra money is needed to pay competitive salaries and attract able employees.

“It does not benefit the House members at all,” he said, referring to salaries and other perks.

Many legislators are already independently wealthy, the citizen legislator is a myth in Texas, and they don’t necessarily need a raise. Their staff on the other hand likely could use a raise. Let’s hope they don’t stop there because state employees need a raise too.

More information came out later today on the CPRIT debacle, CPRIT Foundation Releases List of Donors.

Pharmaceutical and drug development companies, meanwhile, donated more than $689,000 to the foundation.

In light of Perry’s wealth creation comment, it’s extremely likely they didn’t give out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re likely expecting a return on their investment.

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