On The Secretary Of State Resignation

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It’s pretty much guaranteed that Roger Williams will reappear in Texas politics in the not so distant future. They don’t just fade away.

Although the post has been a launching pad for future political runs, Williams gave no immediate clue as to whether he’ll seek future political office.

“It’s really more of a springboard. I think there’s a tendency for all people to be appointed for that reason,” said Royal Masset, a Republican political consultant in Austin.

Indeed, when George W. Bush was Texas governor, his secretaries of state included Alberto Gonzales, Tony Garza and Henry R. Cuellar.

Bob Bullock once held the position too. The Texas Observer has the best synopsis of Mr. Williams’ not so banal tenure in the post, SOS!

Roger Williams, a one-time baseball prospect, car salesman, George W. Bush Ranger (he bundled at least $200,000 for the campaign), and most recently the man in charge of Texas elections, is stepping down effective July 1.

I was unaware of his connection to transportation but that would explain his appearance that these two transportation events this summer - the recent NASCO Conference in Fort Worth and the upcoming Texas Transportation Forum. Leaves little doubt where he stands on that issue. The TO post also goes through the many partisan maneuvers he made while holding this office.

Now that he’s gone we’ll have to begin worrying about who 39% will appoint to the post. Early indications are that it will be someone who’s for the ever present GOP plan of keeping voter turnout low, try to make the non-issue of voter fraud an issue, keep voting as exclusive (.PDF) as possible in Texas, and just generally do what they can to make the office a partisan vehicle.

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