Still trying to find a way in…Janek and Coleman

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A Democrat and a Republican are trying to find a way to get Texas to expand Medicaid. But it’s hit a snag, Janek happy to be secret envoy on Medicaid-related talks, as long as it’s not public?

Text messages to a legislator show that Kyle Janek, Gov. Rick Perry’s point man on health care, was content last week to start planning a trip to Washington to meet with Cindy Mann, director of Medicaid and CHIP services and deputy administrator of the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

In the world of health care acronyms, that agency is CMS. And CHIP is the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“Kyle, can you check your schedule for you and I go to Washington?” Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, texted Janek on April 1.

“You bet,” Janek swiftly replied. “Let me look at some dates. Given the House calendar, should I look at Mondays/Fridays or is it all getting to be the same now?”

Coleman responded, “Either. I will see when I can get in.” Early Wednesday, Coleman continued the exchange of messages, mentioning Mann specifically.

But when Coleman spoke to reporters around midday Wednesday about the planned trip, and the reporters spread the news, Janek’s office got a little uptight. One can only presume that Perry’s did, too.

But this is the money quote:

“No meeting has been scheduled yet. As you know, legislators are still considering several options. Once they’ve reached a consensus we’ll have the detailed guidance needed to begin negotiations with CMS on Medicaid reform. We have ongoing talks with CMS on a variety of topics so we’re always open to trying to get more information from CMS on any of the options being discussed.”

As long as they’re still trying..

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