CPI myths & facts

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Top 5 Myths About Chained-CPI, Debunked.

1) It’s not a benefit cut, nor a tax increase
2) It’s a more accurate measure of inflation
3) We can enact Chained-CPI still protect veterans and the most vulnerable
4) It will help achieve a deal with the GOP
5) It won’t hurt Democrats in 2014

And now the facts, 10 “Chained CPI” Facts The White House Doesn’t Want You to Know.

1. Of course it’s a benefit cut.
2. Of course it’s a tax hike.
3. And it’s a tax hike for everybody but the wealthy.
4. You could save much more money in other, better ways.
5. The White House’s proposed “bump” disproves its own argument.
6. It’s political suicide for Democrats.
7. The Social Security cut doesn’t reduce the deficit.
8. That tax hike on everybody except the wealthy will help a little. But …
9. The deficit’s already shrinking rapidly.
10. It doesn’t matter if “the GOP asked you to” do this.

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