Two Robert/Rob Scott’s Cause Confusion In TEA Report

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Last week when the TEA’s OIG report was issued on contract complaints It was reported in many newspapers and at EOW that interim Director, and candidate for that position permanently, Robert Scott was implicated for steering no-bid contracts to individuals he had ties to. From today’s AAS there appears to be two Robert/Rob Scott’s tied up in this and it brings into question which one did what involving no-bid contracts. It’s not clear yet whether the TEA Scott, is in the clear or just less of a factor than originally thought.

Both men go by Rob and Robert, Ratcliffe said, and the Waco Scott used to work at the education agency.

“The inspector general’s staff are all pretty new to the agency and have probably never encountered the guy before,” Ratcliffe said.

She said the mistake came to light when someone contacted Miller after the report became public and Miller said she negotiated the contract with the Waco man.

Tom Norris, executive director of the Waco service center, said that Scott in Waco “did the legwork” on the contract with Miller but that the legwork did not include negotiating the dollar amount because it was set by the education agency. .

Norris said he did not know of any involvement with the contract on the part of Robert Scott in Austin.

Scott from Waco did not respond to a phone message Thursday.

No matter the final outcome this mistake has brought this report into question. EOW will keep continue watching this and report back when more details become available.

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