Remember That Immigration Roundup?

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Here’s the story from a couple of weeks ago in The Hutto News, ICE raid leads to arrests:

The sting, which led to the arrests of 34 people in Hutto, was part of a nationwide effort of the ICE to crack down on alleged immigration law breakers who hire illegal workers within the German-based firm, according to ICE spokesperson Nina Pruneda. She said all of those arrested were male, with 20 being from Honduras, two from El Salvador and 12 from Mexico. All were arrested for working in the United States illegally, said Pruneda. More than 40 IFCO facilities in 26 states were raided, resulting in 1,187 arrests, seven of those being management personnel.

And here’s where we stand now, Many immigrants arrested in raid freed.

A week after authorities raided IFCO Systems operations nationwide, including in Dallas, authorities said that slightly more than one-third of the 1,187 people arrested remained in custody. Immigrant workers:





All seven managers taken into custody were processed and released SOURCE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement; numbers are approximate

Looks like this was one of those “events” cooked up when this was a hot topic to show that they were doing something at the national level on immigration. The LAT has a good article on the whole thing, What Was Behind the Big Raid. This looks like something they could have done earlier or maybe the just waited until it was beneficial.

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