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Great report here from Shelter Concerns on the July 12th Cedar Park City Council meeting which included much discussion on the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. Here are a few excerpts:

Dr. Boehm, Interim Animal Services Director addressed the city council. She spoke about “moving forward.” Dr. Boehm spoke about adhering to rules and regulations. She mentioned the backlog of spay and neuters and that it is an ongoing issue. Dr. Boehm said it would be posted on the shelter website that people could take their pets to their vet or Emancipet to be altered and that the shelter would reimburse them. She further stated that then the animal would receive one-on-one care versus being part of a group of 40-50 animals being altered (at the shelter) and it would be more convenient.

Dr. Boehm addressed the efficiency of cleaning.

Dr. Boehm noted that the Board of Directors had met several times and was addressing the staffing issue.

Dr. Boehm said that the animal care employees are motivated.


Councilman Caputo stated that the right people may not be on the Board of Directors. He further stated “I blame myself. I am not sure where to apply pressure.” People are needed who are going to do this. “All I have is the current situation.”

No one wanted to volunteer to be on the Executive Committee. Eventually Councilman Mitchell agreed to serve as the Cedar Park representative.


Kathy Springer addressed the council. Ms. Springer is in animal rescue. She asked that the next qualified Director hired has shelter experience. She stated that the shelter needs approximate staff to run properly. She also demanded that Williamson County Commissioners, Board members and city representatives meet the needs of the shelter. Ms. Springer requested that a regular audit of the shelter take place and the results be made public. She asked that an open line of communication with rescue groups be made. She further stated that she has seen sick and healthy animals housed together, i.e. sick kittens with healthy ones, which is breaking Texas law.

The audience voiced tremendous disapproval of the job that the Board of Directors is doing. People specifically want Williamson County Commissioner Valerie Covey taken off the Board.

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