Republican Indifference - State Schools Edition

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There’s really not much left to say about the horrible stewardship of our government that the Republicans in Texas have been in charge of. Whether it’s defunding CHIP, the TYC scandal, and now this, Abuse, neglect plague state schools. (Not to mention the neglect of our infrastructure that they’ve presided over as well).

There’s a common thread running through all of the three issues mentioned above - CHIP, TYC, state schools - they’re involving people who can’t take care of themselves, can’t defend themselves, have little political power, and they donate nothing to political campaigns. In other words the Texas GOP, which has many times wrapped itself in the Bible, has little problem neglecting these least brothers.

Vince at Capitol Annex has much more analysis of the DMN article linked above, Abuse, Neglect Plague State Schools For Mentally Retarded.

When reading about these horrible atrocities that are happening with out neglegent state government we must keep this in mind, we can’t expect people who think government IS the problem to use government to fix the problem. Or as said here:

But Republicans are incapable of running an effective government, lest they refute their own “government is evil” mantra. It’s quite the paradox.

Republicanism works fantastic as an opposition party. In charge of things? Not so much.

Stop, If you’re a wing-nut, I’m not saying the government is the answer to everything, I’m saying many times it is the better or best answer. Now we must ask one more question, are these things being done on purpose? To perpetuate the GOP’s self-fulfilling prophecy that government can’t work. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The way the GOP handles these issues shows much indifference for the least brothers. I’ll leave you with this excerpt from Vince’s post above:

And, more from the Perry Administration:

“It’s important not to sensationalize these incidents,” Ms. Moody said, noting that the Department of Aging and Disability Services didn’t become responsible for the state schools until 2004. “They should not be portrayed as though they happened yesterday, and no action has been taken.”

First off, you don’t need to sensationalize someone being left naked in a trash bin. That pretty much sensationalizes itself, don’t you think?

Second, regardless of when these incidents happened, this administration has shown us not one iota of evidence that such behavior is not continuing. The system is broken, and, while perhaps it didn’t break yesterday, no one has provided credible evidence to show it is fixed today.

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