Sen. Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler) Steps Up

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Not only does Sen. Eltife say that the privatization of toll roads is “insanity” he also steps up and says the obvious:

The senator said he is opposed to building toll roads and turning them over to private contractors because the state would not have control over toll amounts, or the roads.

“This is a bad idea, a bad concept,” he said. “It is insanity, and it should be stopped.”

Instead, the gas tax should be increased to keep up with inflation to allow the state to build bridges, intersections, expanded roadways and outer loops.

“If you go to the pump, you fill up, you use the road, you need to be willing to pay,” he said.

He talks about SB 1643 which he was attacked for by a “wing nut” education group for not supporting - click here for a refresher. He also calls the governor’s veto of the community college funding a disaster. This is the kind of leadership we’ve been missing in Texas. Raising the gas tax is like getting out of Iraq, it can’t be done by Democrats alone. While raising the gas tax may be unpopular it’s much more popular than raising toll taxes through the roof.

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